Love my tender

Singapore, 21th April 2014

In a pun on Elvis’ song “Love me tender” I reflect today on tender interviews that we conducted today for a major renovation. The thing with tenders is that it can be very messy and most of all very time consuming, specifically when you allow tenderers to quote alternatives to your base specifications. In this case we are allowing the tenderers to quote for alternatives as long as they submit a complete base tender as per specs. Why do I love this tender is because we are running out of time. The schedule for the renovation is so tight (What’s new?…!) that we basically have to decide and award today if we have to make the deadlines for commissioning the project. This renovation project is regarding a ballroom with international (!) functions already planned for a week after the commission deadline which is end of August. In other words we will need to award as soon as possible in consideration of lead delivery times for critical product items. Not only for lighting by the way.

With today’s round of questions and clarifications, the tenderers have been sent back to fill in the blanks for the final resubmission in a week’s time. We then have a couple of days to assess all the submissions and make out final recommendations for award. But the time is so tight for everyone involved, not only the contractor and suppliers who are tendering, but even the project team for assessing the submission and recommending award, that it is likely that there will be hardly any time available to prepare (tenderers) let alone review any alternative bids (project team). I therefore anticipate that this project will be as per specifications which means that we just need to make sure that the tenderers have comprehended all that is required (which we did today) and then review the final submission for our recommendation. Assuming that all will be as per specification it will come down to the bid price as well as the contractor/ suppliers experience to deliver the project within the deadlines requested…

Light Watch 5-64: Since we talk about time keeping, clock towers are famous around the world…some of them illuminated at night like the Bell Towers in Perth and of course the Big Ben in London…

bell tower perthc





21. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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