Light & Build, Wednesday

Frankfurt, 2nd April 2014

The spectre of the Icelandic volcano outburst that grounded many of the fair-goers for days last time around is hanging over us again! This time it is the country wide strike of Lufthansa pilots, resulting at more than 4000 flights cancelled over the coming days. People that rely on Lufthansa, which are many, are now scrambling to find alternative ways for transport. I am due on a (Lufthansa) flight to Venice tomorrow and our flight has been cancelled… L. We are now rerouting the trip and hopefully it will all work out tomorrow…

Today at the fair was “me-day”. I had two short project meetings in the morning but after 11 I decided to take the rest of the day “off” and actually visit the fair…boy, do I feel it…my feet are definitely not smiling! Before I give you a run down through my fair snapshots, I do wish to update you on my pursuit, because I did find some companies (including Osram) who still openly promote new generation conventional lighting mostly fluorescent and gas discharge. Wevre & Ducre also have actual fixtures for filament lamps! In Hall 4 I found a number of stands still promoting the professional theatre stage lighting lamps. What was new to me were a number of companies now offering LED filament lamps! In other words the same good old incandescent design with visible filaments, only difference being these filaments are actually LED wire technology! If you cant beat them join them, they must have thought…so my conclusion is that most leading lighting companies are to afraid to be seen promoting “old” technology, even though many of them still carry some conventional lighting in their catalogues…ok, if you insist we still have some. At the same time there seems to be a new trend towards re-creating the filament incandescent feel with LED filament lamps…is there hope? LED lighting is becoming so technical and complex (so created by the manufacturers, you now need a masters degree in technology to actually understand what you are doing!) that just simple incandescent (like) lighting would be a blessing.

Light Watch 5-55: Day 3 in images, they mostly speak for them selves…general shots, trends, conventional…

















03. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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