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Italy, 4th April 2014

On the back of our L+B visit we flew to Venice, Italy, for a workshop/visit to Linea Light, one of the lighting manufacturers that we have started to work with but had till now not much knowledge off. In our line of work we deem it necessary to really understand the people and the philosophy behind the products and hence the visit. We took the opportunity to visit the factory and most of all understand the level of quality control that is being applied to assure the durability of the products. The reliability is not only important for us but also for the manufacturer themselves as it gives them strength and back up in providing their warranty to the client, something we feel is critical in this day and age of LED lighting.

The factory and head office is close to Treviso and Castelfranco, which has some old historic buildings from centuries ago. While the direct discussions were meaningful for our current projects, the Italian countryside and cultural history certainly helped in our motivation. I always find it amazing how a small company that started at one point of time from a farmer’s shed in a rural country setting manages to grow to a world force with products used by lighting designers around the world. And while they inevitably have developed their component supply chains from countries like China (to remain competitive) they still manage to stay true to their origin with the headoffice still strongly entrenched in rural Italy, with nearby Venice (Italy’s 3rd airport) and Genoa as their gateway to the world and the snow-topped Alps visible in the back ground. I am told it is a little under 2 hours to ski-able slopes in the Alps and little under 1 hour to the Mediterranean beach. All that nestled in mostly agricultural land that produces the famous bubbly Prosecco wine…while we had some really good meetings and discussions, all that did not go without the obligatory pizza’s, pasta’s, Mozzarella’s, Parma ham and cheeses and the Prosecco…as the finale to our L+B trip we will visit Venice (bucket list  destination 🙂 ) tomorrow before the team will be returning back to the office to attend to our projects with renewed knowledge and inspiration…to our clients; thanks for your patience!

Light Watch 5-57: Impressions from our day in Italy…



















05. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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