Back to reality…

Singapore, 10th April 2014

After having taken a few days of to spend some time with my parents in Holland after L+B, I am now back in our office in Singapore and back to the reality of the day. Project deadlines and deliverable works, travel planning for site visits and just catching up with everything! I have been out of the office for practically 2 weeks and the world of projects (lighting design) does not stop and wait for you to come back! So my first action this morning was to call the team together and go through all projects and administrative issues that had backed up during our absence. Not to forget that we have now signed off on a new office lease, which will see us move to a nice new office (bigger and better, to serve you better as they say) in two weeks’ time, so you can imagine the extra pressure there as well…It is only when you move that you realise how much “stuff” there is, physically and also organisation wise, but it seems that part is well under control.

Project wise we are reaching a time in the year that many clients want us to come to site to wrap up project issues before the first half of the year is over, which comes hand in hand with heaps of deliverables all to be completed and submitted over the next couple of weeks…a happy problem I guess, because most the time deliverables mean that we can invoice! It means good planning and most of all good communication, internally between the team (we all help each other) and externally towards the project team and client; managing expectations as I often refer to.

For me it means that I hit the ground running straight from stepping out of the plane this morning…never mind the jetlag 🙂

Light Watch 5-58: When you fly you see things from a different perspective, a different angle and mostly in different colours and surroundings. It is good to do that with work as well…step out and look at it from above…a more total view…it helps to get a different perspective on life/ work and things in general! Holland from the sky…








10. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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