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Haiko – Hong Kong, 5th March 2014

I have been on a “what-to-manage” spree in my last few blogs, so what else is there to manage? It very much depends on your position within the team, but regardless where you are, you always have to deal with people, your colleagues, your boss (whether your direct boss or your client!), your subordinates, your business relations and not to forget your friends and family! Too often in corporate culture this aspect is being “broomed” over as if being of secondary importance…work first, family later. Very much an Asian culture thing and perhaps a global issue, but research and latest trends have proven beyond doubt that when family, personal health and wellbeing are well balanced with work, the overall productivity, motivation and personal relationships thrive!

In my team we have very much “horizontal” relationships based on equality as opposed to “vertical” relationships with a strong hierarchy of bosses and subordinates. We have experienced and less-experienced people and that obviously comes with distinctions in salaries and rewards, but in terms of work we help each other like a family would. I personally do not believe in the so-called “pigeon-hole” approach where one’s skill dooms you forever to do the same! We are far better designers when we understand the full process of lighting design and therefore it is critical that everybody is engaged and understands all aspects of lighting design. Personal growth is also a recipe for personal satisfaction and thus motivation.

But understanding should not be confused with complacency, indifference or a lack of responsibility. We still have a job to do and therefore need to uphold our professional duties towards our clients in general but towards our team mates specifically. We are in this together, so we need to support and manage this together to achieve to everyone’s satisfaction!

Light Watch 5-36: The work space is an important environment, regardless the size or the location, so care has to be taken that it is a conducive and pleasant environment because for many people this is the space they spent nearly one third of their lives in!







05. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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