Hong Kong- Singapore, 7-8th March 2014

Travelling, travelling…quite a time consuming exercise. Certainly if your flight times are not very favourable you may effectively loose a whole working day even if the actual flight is only 3-4 hours. I came back from Hong Kong late yesterday afternoon and quite frankly I had hardly any energy left. I had asked my team to stay back so we could discuss and go through some urgent project issues as I am on the road again next week.

Even though I have reached a stage in my life where I am confident about the quality of our services and the level of our expertise, every time we go out to meet the client and the project team we have to prepare to the best of our ability as every time we are thrust in the limelight so to speak whether for a presentation, a report on our work progress or any other general discussion about lighting we need to present ourselves professionally and knowledgeable, after all we are the consultant the client hired to do the job so we need to be on top our work responsibility. Easier said than done of course and much if not everything goes in the preparation, physically as well as mentally.

In the end together with the travel it is the mental part that can be the most exhausting one. Subconsciously you built up mentally to the presentations, the meetings and the travelling and regardless how much time you take to be ready and prepared, you only “feel” the energy you put into it afterwards, when it is all done and (hopefully successfully) dusted. When the load is of your shoulders (even if you don’t really feel it as a load) it becomes apparent once you are back home from your travelling. You fall into a mental “coma”, generally a very satisfied one if all business and outcomes came through as hoped, and as I often experience subsequently sleep and rest a lot over the weekend…as I just did today 🙂 For now I am trying to keep work away and focus on enjoying my weekend…

Light Watch 5-38: A big part of my life is spent in airports as you can imagine with my travelling. Here are some I visit regularly on my trips around Asia (Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Delhi)





Jakarta 2





KL 3

KL 1Kuala Lumpur

Sh 3

SH 5


Delhi 1



Perth 2



08. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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