The poodle meeting

Manila, 21st March 2014
You may wonder where this is going…This is actually about the project coordination meeting I had all day that involved all key consultants. A crucial meeting with the client, the QS, the project manager and all lead consultants to establish the status of the design, decide on major design issues and most of all lock in a time schedule of deliverables and agree on the overall budget. That seems easier said than done as it turned out to be a real tough cookie to resolve.

The design is still not frozen, though we have basically settled on all issues, but it will take another month or so before the whole team has followed through with the related design disciplines. In terms of budget the comparison with a previous project seems inadequate as the aim is to achieve a 100% LED lighting installation. Not only that many other lighting elements have been brought in, inclusive multi-media and interactive screens, to make the experience a special one to remember and by all means and purposes draw in the crowds. Let’s not forget in the end the bottom line of any retail space is to sell! Not only sell, but sell at profit! So there is due care and diligence required in assessing the extra costs to be made in relation to the extra sales and profits to be expected. In my view it appeared that the budget for all lighting (not only the ceiling based architectural lights) is about half what it should be, but we will be crunching some numbers over the coming week to see what the figures really are…could be less

Most of all the time line…Projects of this nature are all about time and money, certainly when you talk about refurbishing an currently operating retail store. Finding the right window and opening with minimal disruption to ongoing sales is crucial and hence the discussion about the time schedule (and completion date) was interesting too say the least, specifically as consideration was given that any month ending in -r- (September-December) is considered unproductive in the Philippines. Apparently Philippino’s get in the Xmas mood right from September and if this ng are not finished before then it won’t get don till the next year…they are really relaxed people!

Ah and about the poodle…as it turned out the big lady boss came in with her poodle which wandered around the meeting room all day, occasionally being grabbed in emergency by her minder to avoid any “deposits” being made in the meeting room. 🙂 Guess the poodle had a great time as we all kept feeding her biscuits and other food that was served during the day.

Light Watch 5-48: The meeting…plenty of people, plenty of food and drinks…sorry no picture of the poodle 🙂






22. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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