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Singapore, 24th March 2014

Some clients have really interesting philosophies and strategies when it comes to implementing a new design. I had a meeting today in regards to the renovation of a ballroom, one of the first stages of the complete hotel renovation we are involved with. As always the design process had started without any big restrictions, just go for it let us see what kind of ideas you can come up with to make this renovation look like we are really pulling out al the stops to create something new. As the process developed further some restrictions started to come in, mainly budget driven…Can we re-use this? Can we keep that? Today’s meeting was basically the culmination of all previous restrictions, telling us that there was no real budget to change much. Some new carpets, some new wall finishes some minor alterations here and there…

For lighting the message was fairly simple, we re-use the ceiling design as it is with some minor reconfigurations allowed, some repainting and new material finishes that’s it; basically a retro-fit job. Because the previous renovation dates back more than 10 years ago (I was the designer for that incidentally, so another of those jobs that comes full circle), the main challenge is to update the lighting technology to today’s requirements and standards. The original lighting design still holds its ground (of course, I designed it 🙂 ), I would still design it that way today, so it’s really a lighting technology upgrade.

Where we had big plans for something new were the chandeliers. A new intricate design was to have multiple colour options inside it’s crystals to allow the creation of different patterns. After the costing came in that whole idea was blown to smithereens and we were instructed to keep the old chandeliers. The only budget made available for this being the re-lamping (LED) and replacing the crystals with new crisp looking ones, perhaps some different shapes… but the look will be like the old…hmmm a shame really, but at the same time an interesting challenge to see what we can do with little… 🙂

Light Watch 5-49: Chandeliers are interesting creations. Here are some shots in close up of what I am dealing with…









24. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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