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Singapore, 17th March 2014

It’s that time again…we have been gradually growing to the point that we are now looking for a new office…On one hand I like to move (the excitement of the new) on the other hand I dread it (I have moved a lot in my life!). I like my little comfort zone, my little familiar office from where I have been working for the last 10 years or so. But as we grow as a company, we need a bit more space and we have started to look around for a suitable space. As I am used to this area I am actually looking around here…but should I? One of my driving motives for all my offices has been that I need to live myself either in the office (home office concept) or within a stone’s through from the place. I travel enough as it is so it is absolutely imperative for me to have the office within a few minutes away from where I live.

While the home office concept has always been good to me (and a cost efficient solution to say the least) maybe it is time to move to a new environment. It needs to be a space that can accommodate the staff comfortably as well as providing a good space to meet and some space to play around with lighting. It is always a difficult decision as you know what you have but you don’t really know what you will get. There is always an amount of uncertainty involved with any change, so you go with the vibes. Obviously location is also crucial and proximity of public transport, eating facilities and shops.

For me one of the important issues is the flexibility and openness of a space. I don’t really like enclosed spaces and certainly want to have a good dose of daylight. Things such as colours and material finishes can be dealt with, but not basic structures. The office will also need to represent the corporate identity of the practice and make all of us proud…decisions, decisions….

Light Watch 5-44: Offices are often characterised by their reception. Here are a few for inspiration:








17. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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