Manila, 20th March 2014

Arrived in lovely Manila for project meetings over the next two days… I have been coming to Manila for the last twenty odd years or so, depending on project needs as well as for speaking engagements, but time and again I am struck by the friendliness of the people, the excitement of city life and the variety of the weather! The Philippino’s have a certain worry free way of living, pushing problems ahead and enjoying the present day. The result is of course that things don’t always get done which is something that we see in the slow pace of their economy and what I personally see in the pace and progress of projects. They all get their eventually but with no sense of urgency. Tomorrow is another day. Why do it today if we can do it tomorrow! 🙂

But regardless I do find it a pleasure to be here, the will is there, but the drive is missing, but that makes them such enjoyable people. They are also immensely talented and creative. You find Philippino’s in the design industry and in the music industry for instance. Many design colleagues I know are Philippino..

I generally stay in Makati which is the city’s oldest buzzing business and commercial district and over the last years lots of efforts have been put in revitalising the city centres not in the last place by adding more lighting to its buildings and urban fabric. We are engaged as the lighting designers for the refurbishment and the new development of a chain of leading department stores in the Philippines and it is encouraging to see how the client and the team are embracing the latest lighting technologies. They want to be one of the leading stores of the world…who would have thought that in the Philippines! I am looking forward to my meetings over the  next few days.

Light Watch 5-47: Manila with its varying skies and city skylines…








20. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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