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Haiko, 4th March 2014

It is exactly because time is our commodity as I blogged yesterday, that when you are not in control of it that it can get utterly frustrating. As I am writing this I am sitting at the “Coconut Café” at the domestic arrivals in Haiko,  after hitching a golf cart (!), or the “shuttle bus” as it was sold to me, from international arrivals to the domestic airport from where I will be getting on a train to my destination about half way between Haiko and Sania (Hainan). As it turns out the next train only leaves in 2 hours, so hence my getting “coconuts” waiting in this Café. It is at least way better than at the strain station itself where there is hardly any seat let alone a waiting lounge!

But the ever optimist I am I will be using this down time to write my blog, clear my inbox, that is one thing I have learned from my constant travels. You are never in control of flight and train schedules, the availability of seats, or taxi’s, the queues, the delays, the weather (!). When you plan your travel, you use your experience and your (and other people’s) knowledge to select the best and most convenient flights, time of travel, seats, the routing, the connections and so on.

But even with all that knowledge you still from time to time end up frustrated, as I ended up today. I had the right flight, the right seats, but got undone on arrival as now international arrivals are in a new building far away from the train station. I was one of the first through immigration, only to got stuck outside without any visible shuttle to the train station. I was looking for a bus, however the 50-odd people waiting like me had to do with a 8 person golf cart! I was on the first run (still had to battle a couple of unruly Chinese, trying to beat the queue) only to find another queue at the train ticket counter. By the time I got my ticket I found out with my limited Chinese that the next train was two hours later… frustrating…nahhh…just take it on the chin and make the best of your time, its all part and parcel of travelling.

Light Watch 5-35: While I was waiting I took some pictures of the lighting at the domestic terminal, the café and the station…may as well…gives you a feel








04. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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