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Singapore, 3rd March 2014

I can’t really believe we have already moved into March, spring time for the Northern Hemisphere, autumn for the Southern part of the world. Not only time seems to fly but also our project schedules. It is like all hell has broken lose in terms of project requirements and deliverables. We are designing like crazy, we are producing like crazy and in between we are travelling like crazy to meet and present to our clients. To Hainan, Hong Kong and Australia for me over the next 2 weeks; with other destinations for other members of my team.

It just makes you so aware that time is really the main commodity that we are dealing with towards our clients. Getting our time and deliverable schedules right is key to our ability to deliver our services. It is so much easier said then done. One thing is for sure; only a “well-oiled” team can make this happen.

Part of my activities today was finalising a number of high importance fee proposals that have tomorrow as deadline. They just happen to have the same deadlines somehow…(are they working together to test our ability to respond? 🙂 ) Kidding apart, managing to respond to RFP’s (Requests for Fee Proposals) is part and parcel of our survival and continuity as a company. Managing to respond promptly, professionally and timely to such enquiries creates the first impressions towards our potential future clients. Taking them seriously and respect fully. We all know how much we like being given attention. Having no time may be a genuine excuse, but not one that a client in need of your services wants to necessarily hear. So we make time, always. Clients remember and appreciate your alertness and attention. I have never heard a client complain that we respond too fast! On the contrary they are always pleasantly surprised! It just makes you wonder how others manage their time…

Light Watch 5-34: Just recently the solar flares became very visible and created many spectacular lighting effects at night, notably in Europe, also known as the Northern Lights. Somehow it seems appropriate for this time of the year. Also today is my Alex’s birthday so here is to her….Happy Birthday, Snoops!









03. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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