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Perth, 11th March 2014

Playing (and experimenting) with light is really one of the magical things we do as lighting designers. Today one of my meetings was with an artist with whom we are working to develop an artwork that is typically driven by lighting as a key component. We have worked together on some artworks now and we both enjoy the process of design and developing the concept to something magical. The art wall is basically a curtain wall structure at street level that separates the private interiors of a residential complex and the public exteriors of the neighbourhood. The idea is to use double layered coloured glass with art patterns sandwiched in between, that lets daylight in during the day and that projects artificial light out during the night. By treating the glass with artistic patterns we get magical pattern projection to the inside during the day and to the street side during the night. By using coloured glass we add the magic of colour to the lighting effects.

Today we experimented with light, the intensity and lenses to establish the best way to create the effect. From there we can establish the best locations, ways to install, the necessary electrical planning, the lighting controls and last but not least the budget and building installation schedule. In the end the last two are critical to get the project completed on time and on budget! It was fun playing around today.

Light Watch 5-40: Here are some pictures of the actual testing as well as some other images related to the effect we are trying to establish…






11. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Great Idea to let the shadow servant work for you. I like that! A significant intensification of this great visual effects would be my optical moiré technique ‘Flying Lights’ – moving scattering disks working with artificial- and day-lights as lighting sources.

    More Infos about my “Flying Lights”, Flowing Water / Artificial Fire Invention via Link:

    Herzlicht, from Ruhr with Light,


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