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Singapore, 27th March 2014

I am about to fly off to Europe tonight to attend Light & Build next week with a short stop in Holland first to visit my parents over the weekend, but before I can do so there are always heaps of things to do, last minute meetings, last minute project issues and last but nor least getting yourself ready to go! I have been attending the fair since the early 80’s so this must be about my 15th time going there. It is one of the few events I have religiously attended every single time (it’s every two years, hence the 15 times) and I always look out to the event. Not only because of the latest lighting technology on show but even more because of the social networking that happens around the fair. During the year we keep close taps with the manufacturers so we are more or less aware of what is coming in terms of the latest innovations, though some manufacturers keep their new products close to their chest so they can reveal them as a premiere in Frankfurt.

It is specifically the social functions, the after fair events that allow you to catch up with your peers and colleagues in the industry, some of them like me, who have come to the fair for over 30 years. It used to be in Hanover when I first went in the eighties before moving to Frankfurt at the turn of the century. It is the chats on the side lines with the colleagues in the lighting industry that often brings you up to speed with what’s happening in lighting land. Who left which company and joined where, who was doing well and who is in trouble, the latest gossip so to say. It is a small world after all, but in my opinion a very friendly world. In terms of colleagues in the business we are mostly friendly competitors, we meet at events, occasionally meet at project interviews when we happen to bid for the same project, but otherwise it’s all good and because there is plenty for all we don’t really compete cut-throat with each other…at least that is not my experience. And as to the manufacturers and suppliers, we all need each other and as we have an open door policy towards them they regularly come to our office to update or service us as needed, so meeting them in Frankfurt is generally happy affair.

Right now we are all about ready to go, we have our flight tickets, our hotel accommodation all organised and have scooped up the many entry tickets made available by the manufacturers to secure our entry to the fair. I will report back from the fair on Monday! For those who are going to Frankfurt, hope to see you there!

Light Watch 5-52: More information on the website including reports on the last event in 2012






27. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Welcome 2 Germany @MartinKlaasen (:

    Frankfurt has a money skyline as you know:
    Not very representative 4 rest Germany??!!!

    Pls email me your phone number in gmany
    to and get back to you,
    than pls delete this comment. Bingo!))

    Herzlicht, Thomas

    ps.: pls use Twitter 😉

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