It’s all in the details

Singapore, 26th March 2014
I spent a good part of my day trying to make sense of the drawings and (so called) details that were sent to me as base information to develop my lighting design. The project is highly confidential and obtaining information despite signing NDA (non-disclosure agreements) has been a huge challenge for the last few months, yes months! We know what the project is supposed to be, but as we are only involved in a part of it we have not been issued overall drawings, just the specific location drawings. But for us to make sense of the space (it is non-existing and yet to be build) we need as much 3 dimensional info as possible. In other words we need the floor plans which indicates the space planning and its intended use ( we design for people, not for lux meters), the reflected ceiling plan so we have an idea of what’s in there and what the design intent is, then we need the elevations showing how the various interior design components integrate with the architectural envelope and finally any sectional details that tells us how lighting can be integrated in the proposed interior finishes.

But what we got where basically “single line” architectural drawings and plans. It shows the outline, but without any architectural or layout detail or content , not sure if you ever received these kind of drawings but they are absolutely useless. Worst of all when we explain what we need to progress our design we they look at us if we are asking for something impossible. It of course exist somewhere but what we suspect is happening is that because of the confidentiality of the project drawings are segregated and different departments develop different details so that no-one really sees everything and all together. Somewhere at the top someone must collate all this together to one cohesive plan and detailing but at the level we are dealing with somehow we just get piece meal information. We keep saying it’s in the details…. We will get there eventually 🙂

Light Watch 5-51: Architectural detailing can take many forms and can be very intriguing by itself…e8daa6105da46ef21fceba12bf32ec64








26. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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