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Perth, 10th March 2014

With the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian commercial airliner en route from KL to Beijing, you do wonder what’s going on at times. With all modern technology, how is it possible that an airplane just disappears from the air, of the radar and despite 40 odd planes and ships looking for it not a trace can be found…how come with all the spy technology (ref Edward Snowden) they can’t even locate the position…I find that hard to comprehend. Then how is it possible that two people can board the plane on stolen passports when these passports are listed as missing on Interpol’s list of missing passports! It apparently takes seconds to cross reference that in the international passport database. Does not give you much confidence that all these security checks they make you go through every time you take a flight actually work!

Despite the worrying news about air travel, I still boarded my plane to Perth (exactly the same model as the one that disappeared over the South Chinese Sea) and went about my business as usual. Air travel is part and parcel of running my business and just because a plane went missing it does not mean that suddenly air travel is unsafe. On the contrary it is one of the safest ways of travel in the world. The point is that when it goes wrong, it is generally pretty fatal. If somebody else is involved in a fatal car crash, do you stop taking a taxi or driving your car…no not really, but you do have a heightened sense of prudence and think more carefully about the way you travel and move about. And in all honesty I am always relieved to have my two feet back on the ground after each flight.

Light Watch 5-39: It is important to travel as relaxed as possible, certainly for us frequent flying business people where we generally hit the ground running when we arrive at destination…that’s why you will understand that we highly appreciate the airport lounges where we can escape the busy airport halls and have a little relax time or doing some undisturbed work before we fly out…Singapore Airlines, generally my airline of choice has their Silver Kris lounges around the world, here are the ones from Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney…they all follow similar lighting concepts that are supposed to relax you… 🙂

SQ Spore 2

SQ Spore 4


SQ Bkok 2

SQ Bkok



Hong Kong

SQ Sydney

SQ Sydney 2


10. March 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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