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Perth, 6th February 2014

Back in Perth for the commissioning of stage 1 of one of my hotel projects. In this case the aiming and focussing of the lights as well as the programming. There is so much you can do on paper; the final finishing touches can only be done hands on present on site. For the purpose I had the lighting control supplier’s system programmer on hand as well as the project manager, his chief contractor and the operator. As this part consisted of the lobby and the all-day restaurant making sure the operator could give his feedback was crucial for me.

Prior to my visit the electrical contractor had checked and confirmed each and every lighting circuit to be connected and working as per design specification. I had also sent the programmer an so called control matrix with preliminary settings for each scene, morning, evening, after hours as well as breakfast and dinner settings for the restaurant. Of course these settings are the lighting designers best “guess” based on experienced and anticipated operational requirements, they are never perfect as you will only know the visual impact once you see the actual lighting interacting with the material finishes and the space itself.

Running through the scenes we found the settings to be pretty close to expectation and needs and with a bit of tweaking we managed to get the levels and balance of brightness suitable for the various times of the day. I went through this both during the day as well as at night to have a full understanding and feeling of the lighting. Specifically the transition from day to night time is always fascinating, but I must say in the end it came out well, the transition being smooth and the overall ambience in line with a 4 star business hotel. I am satisfied with the result.

Light Watch 5-17: While the programming has been logged in for a test run over the coming week with full operation with guests, the aiming of some spotlights can only be done during a low operation time on Monday. Here are some of the site pics taken at full lights operation mode on which clearly can be seen that some lights are out of focus…I will try dig up some before photo’s…it does not like much but if you see the before pics you will really see how much the lighting makes a difference!







06. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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