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Singapore, 13th February 2014

This week Singapore holds its bi-annual Air show, one that has grown over the years to one of the most important air shows of the region with many of the top guys like Boeing and Airbus showing of their latest developments. I had the opportunity to visit the show today which somehow has an attraction to me as a frequent traveller and lighting designer. We may not realise this but the aerospace industry is certainly leading the way with the application of the latest technological developments including lighting. The latest Airbus and Boeing planes are all fully converted to LED lighting and coloured lighting schemes are applied to create moods during the flights and help combat jetlag and fatigue. Some interiors are designed by renowned design houses like BMW or Versace for instance, certainly in the private jet sector.

But is not only in the interiors where the latest lighting technologies are used, the cockpit and all its instruments use the latest in terms of day-night/ brightness adaptation techniques and all lights at the airport, whether the approach landing lights, the runway and taxiway indicator lights and even the apron lighting makes use of the latest in lighting. This is very much standard and performance based lighting. Guidelines are strict specifically when it comes to glare and lighting locations that can potentially been mistaken for landing lights or can be a disturbing distractions to pilots when they land or fly their plane into the air. It is a fascinating industry and being a frequent flyer and a lighting designer you can probably understand my interest in what happens up in the air 🙂

Light Watch 5-22: Lighting and airplanes…








13. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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