The new generation

Singapore, 26th February 2014

As we see a steady growth in our projects as a result of our recognition in the market (at least one should hope so!), I find myself in a situation of expanding my team to cater for the increased demands and work load. But at the same I am weary of not wanting to grow too big. I like it small and intimate, where we are a small family all helping and supporting each other, having each-others back. For those who work in a big company where people generally seem to internally compete with each other, maybe a strange concept, but this is really one of the pillars of our team, mutual trust and respect, it works for me and it motivates my team.

Hand picking the “new generation” is done with this in mind. Not only assessing someone’s skills and expertise, but also whether he or she will fit into the team? As I get older I can only assume that my principles and way of thinking may be old fashioned and conventional and that while I am open to thoughts and trends from today’s generation, I may not necessarily be able to appreciate them. So engaging with the new generation is also a matter of letting go of some of your “old habits” which may have grown to be a comfort zone, but may need to make way for some new ways of thinking. Going with the times I guess you could call that, a necessary step for the continuity of the company and for the quality of our services. We need to bear in mind that also our clients are becoming the new generation and their expectations will have to be met with concepts and services of that are a reflection of today’s demands. So I really need to listen to the new generation, in order to engage the new generation and then better serve the new generation 🙂

Light Watch 5-31: Last weekend I went with Alex to a concert that really embodies the new generation (at least in my eyes 🙂 ); Australian electro/ techno-pop band Empire of the Sun made a stop in Singapore to play for their fans and she thought it would be nice to go. Honestly before I went I had never heard of them, but raving reviews from others had made me decide to go along. I don’t regret it at all and in fact I am now listening to their music. It is engaging, upbeat and happy music to which you hardly can sit still. While the audience was overwhelmingly (very) young, I did not feel out of place and hopped along to their songs. Way to keep myself young and streetwise, I guess 🙂

Here are some pics (yes the lighting effects were not bad…)








26. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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