The invisible part of lighting

Singapore, 21st February 2014

Continuing on from my contemplations yesterday, we had some further head on discussions with the project manager of one of our projects in regards to the wiring and control of the lights. The building progress is moving fast forward and understandably there is an urgent need to lock in all the required wiring that has to be incorporated into the building structure. This is the invisible part of lighting. We generally design for the visible, more glamorous part of lighting, whether interior or exterior. We have our lighting concepts all worked out, with beautiful renderings and clients drooling with excitement about how their property is going to look like and how they will be bragging with pride when it will all be finished.

So we while we do create a lot of expectation with our lighting designs in general, it is imperative to address the many invisible parts and details needed to bring the project to a success. This means developing the power and data distribution needed to drive the lighting. This both in horizontal as well as in a vertical plan. Issues such as allowable cable length, most efficient routing from switchboard to light fitting, location and planning of any drivers, controls and junction boxes. Then when it comes to exterior façade lighting there is the issue of penetrating the building with the power and data cables from inside out, dealing with issues such as water proofing. Finally the actual installation and fixing of the fitting to the building together with the connectivity and future maintenance access, all a critical part of the design process. Understanding of these needs is crucial and hence sometimes there are some “heated” discussions when not everybody is on the same page…  🙂

Light Watch 5-28: Talking about glamorous…here is a collection of Louis Vuitton façade lighting designs collected from Google. From my knowledge (we did a couple over the years) the overall concept is generated by their own design teams and we as lighting designers are hired to execute it. Without the invisible part of cables and controls, none of the visible part is possible, so you can understand our eagerness to make sure that all the invisible parts, even if that is not our core strength, are addressed and taken care of otherwise all our beautiful concepts will never see the “light”. Have a great weekend!










21. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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