The chicken or the egg

Singapore, 19th February 2014

This is an age old issue; who was first, the chicken or the egg…the chicken would not exist, if not for the egg and reversely you could say that there would be no egg if not for the chicken. I am facing a similar sort of problem in one of our projects. We have designed the exterior façade lighting of the building and are now faced with a situation where the site works have progressed so fast that we have arrived at a point of no return. Our installation and fixture details have to be locked in so the site can continue the cladding and other installation finishes, even though we are well away of tendering the package for the lighting supply.

The challenge that we face is that we are specifying a new generation LED floodlight that has yet to be commercialised and launched in the market. We have been working closely with the manufacturer to develop this fitting to make sure we achieve the desired lighting effects with the most compact and efficient LED floodlight currently available (or to be available in the near future). This has put us in a precarious position as the product is not fully out-developed with still the controls and wiring/ cabling protocol to be fully confirmed in terms location, dimensions and connections. We have been able to visually test and appreciate the optical performance, so we are good on that, but it is the factual dimensions and the interconnectivity with the building that is bugging us right now. Site wants it now! We still need time… (note the building is not expected to be completed and handed over for another 2-3 years, so it’s not like there is no time!).

So will we manage to dictate the installation requirements towards the building construction from the perspective of the product (the chicken) or do we have to accept that the building construction progress has beaten us and we have to adapt the fitting design later to fit (the egg). We are racing towards the chicken to come first, but perhaps the egg will beat us… 🙂

Light Watch 5-26: It is amazing how many people are inspired by an egg…here is just a small collection of illuminated eggs















19. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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