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Perth, 10th February 2014

Playing with light is an integral part of getting your design right. You can figure out a thousand times on paper or even visualise in your mind how lighting is going to look like, but it is only when you actually start playing with it that you get the final feel of what will work and what not. Tonight I went out to the beach, yes because that is where my latest project is…the lighting of a famous cliff face along one of Fremantle’s famous sun set beaches. That section of the beach is used for night markets on Saturdays and illuminating the cliff face as background will bring an enormous amount of ambience and special feeling to the site. I can only say that the City Council is doing a right move in forking out the funds for this project.

While I have worked out the basic lighting concept for this project a while ago, tonight was set aside to do some practical and physical testing and figuring out what type of light (linear or floodlight), colour of the light (RGB or just shades of natural white), beam types (narrow, flood or diffuser), power (playing with intensities, as too bright will kill the intimate ambiance) and last but not least figuring out the best locations and spacing for a satisfying coverage. This is where you learn most about your own design skills…how close were you with your basic concept, how well was I able to anticipate what would work best. I must say with some pride, I was pretty close, but then with more than 30 years of field experience I did not expect anything less from myself 🙂

I find myself most unsure about the selection of the new generation of LED lighting systems. What I thought I knew has already been overtaken by the newest technological advancements. I was able to test a little LED floodlight (fresh out of the factory), the size that you would normally associate with a MR16 halogen floodlight, but with an output that felt like at least a 70W metal halide. I believe the LED floodlight is less than 20W. Impressive. The addition of a spread lens gave it a very nice coverage…a very illuminating evening, as always I learned a lot 🙂

Light Watch 5-19: Impressions of the night…












10. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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