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Singapore, 28th February 2014

Easy to say and promote, much more difficult to actually keep it up! Obviously the more projects you have the more demands exists from your clients to deliver. Not only in the form of actual concepts, drawings and documentation but also in physical presence. Clients pay for an expectation of your services; they have assessed your port-folio and track record before appointing you and whatever you put in your proposal and perhaps verbally assured you would do, you need to deliver, preferably beyond expectation! It’s called managing expectations, and today I had plenty of it…

I am in the privileged situation that I am not running a one-man show and I can rely on a team to back me up and assist in the deliverables promised to our clients. Part of managing our client’s expectations is to anticipate and help the client anticipate, whether it be in regards to costs or the deliverables time schedule. The last one comes hand in hand with the quality of the deliverable…a rushed out document delivered in time but full of “holes” does not do you any favours, so any time schedule should factor in the proper preparation time but also allow for coordination time with the other project team members and the official feedback and approval from the client or his/her representative.

But regardless how many emails and communications you have nothing beats the personal meetings with your client. It allows you to instantly address any concerns of your client and also jump into any issues that may be or are already causing problems in achieving the desired deliverables. You can manage the expectations there and then; but to do that you need to be the boss, or the project director with the authority to decide, in short the one where the bug stops. That is why clients like to see the boss, the one in charge with authority in the projects, you go to give them peace of mind, decisions can be made and expectations managed!

Light Watch 5-33: Following yesterday’s tree lighting images I have another series but these are totally out of the box. The only similarity is the idea of a tree itself, the lighting interpretation is totally different!

Have a great weekend!


Hope Treec





28. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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