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Bandung, 24th February 2014

I am starting the week with a trip to lovely Bandung, in the rolling highlands of Indonesia, where I am attending an all-important project kick-off meeting, but more about that tomorrow….

With the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games closing ceremony last night, the games have come to an end. Quite good games for the Dutch team (specifically the speed skaters!) who ended 5th on the medal table with a medal haul of no less than 24 medals of which 8 gold! Over the last two weeks I did not torture you with all “our” wins, but I do wish to spent this blog specifically looking back at the importance of lighting and how that is allowing the world to see and follow the Games on the little box…well, it’s not really a box anymore these days, is it? It’s a super high definition flat screen that in some households covers nearly a complete wall!

What many of the “box” watchers do not realise is that the lighting for these games is designed first and foremost for the TV viewers, never mind the public in the stands! It’s all about the TV camera locations, viewing vantage points and broadcasting the most beautiful and memorable images back home. Cameras can zoom in, frame the view leaving all disturbing glare or support structures out of sight. It is not a secret that the only thing you really get from attending these kind of events is the atmosphere, the ambience and the unforgettable feeling that you were there when it happened, never mind you did not really see anything 🙂 . For the viewers at home, it is the images that remain as a memory…

Light Watch 5-29: Here are a series of images of the various sports, such as of course speed skating, short-track, ice dancing, ice hockey, curling (all performed indoors under a roof) and the ski/snow sports such as the downhill, the slalom, the ski jumping, the moguls, aerials, the snow boarders, the biathlon, the country skiing the luge and the bob-sleeghers. Just look and see how much good lighting (for you the viewer) makes all the difference!









OLYMPIC Games 2010 Canada Winter GIANT-SLALOM

De Lorenzi of Italy takes part in a biathlon training session for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games at the "Laura" cross-country and biathlon centre in Rosa Khutor


25. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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