Light and colour

Perth, 11th February 2014

As I drove to and from site last night I kept thinking how much colour is important in our lives. Not only as designer but just as an ordinary person, we always seem to admire and rejoice in the magic of light and colour. When I did my lighting tests last night I originally started with just white light with the thought to really bring out the natural colours of the rocks and stones. The grazing did just that, it was really a nice effect. But to satisfy my curiosity I did do some testing with various colour washes to get a feel of the effect in this specific surrounding and I have to say it did feel magic…

The beach location is being used for night markets in the weekends were thousands of people convene to enjoy the sunset and then stroll around the market stalls which mainly sell food items that you can enjoy in this lovely spot. Providing a colourful background would totally fit the ambiance, albeit a very controlled colour projection, with soft fading changes and carefully selected colour palettes. So I succumbed…I will keep my natural lighting for the normal weekdays, but will integrate a colour program for special events and happenings.

Light Watch 5-20: The best way to appreciate colour at times is when (natural) light actually becomes coloured, which it does when it shines through coloured glass for example. It totally transforms the space…but even natural light on objects or just in nature…









11. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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