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Perth, 7th February 2014

On the day that the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 kick off (tonight) in Sotchi (Russia) I have been dealing with the subject of emergency lighting in one of our projects. I may have blogged about this before, but anyhow it is something that came up today and that is still an issue of consideration specifically in combination with LED technology. In a conventional system we would have a little indicator LED light mounted into the reflector of an all purpose general down light. It would be independent and be activated in case of a power failure. We also would have solutions where a selected architectural down light (part of the overall general lighting design would be designated and equipped to act as an emergency light. That was all good and well with conventional lighting technology.

Now that we have moved into the age of LED technology there is still the same demand to integrate the emergency lighting into the architectural lighting design. However we now have a slight little problem (my experience at least) in that LED and dimming is not yet out of its childhood problems and all too often we find faltering lights, flickering LED lights as a result. In public areas with dimming therefore I have shun away from integrating these LED downlights into the emergency system. I found it more reliable with more peace of mind to have the emergency lighting on its own independent network.

I do support maximum integration and minimising visual clutter in the ceiling but until such time I feel these issues have been properly resolved feel more at ease recommending a separate emergency system rather than a fully integrated one when it comes with the need to have the LED on a dimming control system. The good news is that with the enormous progress of the LED technology we can now find the LED emergency lights that are as compact and small as possible…

Have a great weekend 🙂

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07. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. This year our company has developed this integrated down light product that combining general lighting function and emergency lighting function. Then we’re facing the difficulty to explain this concept to our customers because most of them still thinking about down light plus an emergency pack which is very different.

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