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Singapore, 20th February 2014

There was an article in the newspaper this morning about an decision somewhere in Scandinavia where a local authority had started to paint all reindeer antlers with a luminescent paint as to make them more visible at night and with that reduce the potential for road accidents. Obviously this must be somewhere up North where reindeers cross the roads at night…I imagine very similar to kangaroos crossing the roads in Australia. I can tell from my own experience that this can be quite a fright! These are big animals with heavy impact so the local action does make some sense…this kind of reports always sets me of thinking laterally…

While we generally focus on designing the lighting systems in an architectural space, it does make for some interesting conceptual thoughts when you start thinking about providing a layer of luminescent finish on objects or surfaces in the space that you are designing for…an out of the box approach and generally quite an energy saving one! Having that sort of conceptual ideas generally excites your team mates and your client if that can bring an added value or feature to the end result. There are those luminescent paints and powders that absorb the day’s ultraviolet light and then provide the glow in the dark at night. There are also those same luminescent materials that can be activated by using artificial ultra violet light. I think we are all familiar with it. Using it in a professional application as part of your lighting design can be quite magical and certainly surprising as often it is not visible as such during day time…perhaps a thought for a future project?

Light Watch 5-27: From a reindeers luminescent antlers to various applications where luminescent can bring a surprising effect at night.

glowing reindeer










20. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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