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Jakarta, 4th February 2014

Today’s project meeting centred very much around corporate identity, in other (client’s) words, what are the (lighting) elements that really express the identity of this corporation…one of the biggest Indonesian developers. In this particular case we are developing the 3rd building in a series of 6 that are to be build over the next couple of years. The first one which dates from many years back is still very traditional, a stylish stone building as many were in the earlier days. The second completed in recent times is a more modern edifice of glass and aluminium mullions, very typical of modern day buildings, the third one we are working now is much of the same with some improvements, probably from mistakes learned from the past. It is therefore reasonable to expect that lighting will pretty much be very similar to nr.2, or should it?

Currently there is not much exterior and façade lighting at all, just basic minimum you could say; a few street lights, canopy lighting at the drop-offs and a handful of old fashioned floodlights on a pool to light up the façade. In practice they are hardly ever switched on, at least I have never seen them on in any of my visits to Jakarta. Reason given that the property commands premium office rents, is fully occupied and apparently some occupants had complained about the floodlighting (not surprisingly as the installation looks very rudimentary with all associated glare problems). So why switch it on, there is no need for the creation of a costly and energy consuming façade illumination.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle…not that I want to put lighting for the sake of lighting, on the contrary, but my feeling is that the occupancy success is more the result of lack of alternatives rather then a sublime location. The lighting will allow, if planned along a long term strategy and applied with a very considerate approach (the keep it simple approach) the integrated site and building approach will help to unify the site at night to be appreciated as one and not as a mismatch of add on buildings…The subtlety of the lighting, a few (master) strokes here and there, perhaps combined with an architect that manages to reproduce some architectural features in all buildings will greatly contribute to a corporate identity recognisable by all in the Jakarta skyline…

Light Watch 5-15: Corporate identity often starts with your company signage. Here are some interesting signages that have a play with light and shadow…






04. February 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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