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Shanghai, 14th January 2014

Back to my old stomping ground…I don’t come to China as often as I used to in the past when I was in Shanghai at least one week every month, but walking good old Nanjing Xi Lu tonight back to my hotel showed again how fast this city is developing and keeping up (or should I say overtaking) many western cities. Shanghai certainly leads when it comes to implementing lighting on building facades. I had dinner with my local team here and enjoyed walking this stretch of the city which has seen and is still seeing many new commercial, corporate and residential developments. What strikes me specifically is that Shanghai tries very much to lose its image of “copy goods” capital and now has practically all top luxury brands in high end shopping malls and shops; Jingan is fast developing as a top destination for the real deal luxury brands area!

Gone are the days of shoddy looking shopping centres or cheap looking retail shops. Shop fronts are state of the art, with expensive looking material finishes and of course an abundance of LED lighting. I can only imagine the amount of money spent on this. Even though I know that LED prices have come down and that in China specifically LED prices are under tremendous pressure, I have to admit that I saw little LED failures…generally a sign of shoddy workman ship or poor quality products. Now many of the installations are new so maybe I am speaking before my turn but in general I was impressed.

Light Watch 5-2: See here a series of façade snapshots taken from some of the branded luxury shop facades along Nanjing Road…





Loewe 2

Paul Smith


14. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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