Still cold…

Yangshuo, 22nd January 2014

Getting used to the cold…today more of the same. Today we fried some banana’s on the improvised heat stoves and I must say the “pisang goreng” (or fried banana) tasted nice and hot!

Many people do not realise how much time and coordination it takes to realise a project of this nature. First there is the site, in this case with an old derelict sugar cane factory that will be converted into a resort hotel, then there is the process of getting the initial approval from the local government to built/ convert the site into a hotel. Then  the long and tedious process of finding the operator, the architects and yes…the lighting designer. We came in nice and early in the piece due to our existing relationship with the operator and lead designer.

Designs are rarely on the mark from day one and it took a few concepts before client and operator were happy with the architectural concept. This then had to be submitted to the local authorities again for approval. I understand that was just obtained prior to this meeting, so this design workshop, where all principal consultants (lighting design included) presented their conceptual approach to the team, was even more meaning and purposeful. On the downside, we were informed today that the excavation of the site had hit a snag as that in a specific area rocks halted further deepening. This means that the planned basement now has to be redesigned to adapt to the new situation…For my side I now have good understanding and agreement on the direction to develop my lighting concept into further details over the next couple of weeks…

Light Watch 5-7: Yangshuo further impressions of our “banana” meetings, the beautiful site and the sunlight pouring through the windows of the old factory









22. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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