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Shanghai, 15th January 2014

After a day of successful meetings and design workshops I had a great sense of achievement. The meeting had been postponed several times since late last year because of conflicting schedules, but when we finally made it today it was all good and satisfying for all concerned. The design stage has been signed off so we can now officially move on to the next stage. In our line of work signing off on specific stages of work is crucial, not only to avoid abortive work but also to have a clear progress marker on which you can invoice your client. Contracts and payments are generally built on stages of work progress, so it was a good one to get under our belt.

Specifically meeting in person helps breaking down barriers certainly when there are cultural and language barriers. We had actually in good faith progressed to the next stage, but as often they wanted the boss to give an “acte de presence”. Done and dusted today and we are looking ahead towards the next deadlines which as many of you working in Asia/ China will know are unreasonable and rushed, specifically with Chinese New Year coming up in a little over 2 weeks.

In general I feel the Chinese market has slowed down from its heydays, but honestly compared to many developed countries like the US and Europe as far as I can see from my position, China is still booming ahead. I am therefore maintaining my presence here to follow up on ongoing and future work…

Light Watch 5-3: Feeling on top of the world is a special thing and today, sunny with not a cloud in the sky (rare for Shanghai) I decided to make good on one of my bucket list of to-do things…a visit to what is claimed being the highest observatory in the world, the sky deck of the Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC). While the building is already dwarfing the adjacent Jin Mao Tower and the Pudong Pearl Tower, it is amazing to see that the building construction next door has already overtaken the SWFC. On one of the pictures below taken at 450m height you see the construction on your left of a building I believe will be the second highest after the Burj in Dubai. I arrived just at sunset and enjoyed the slowly setting in of the night, with the Shanghai skyline coming to life…what would we do without light…! 🙂









15. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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