Yangshuo, 20th January 2014

Today I travelled from Singapore back to Yangshuo, the heart of the Guilin Mountains in China, famous for being featured on the back on the 20 dollar Reminbi bank notes. Over the next 3 days I will attend a design workshop with the full consultants team to establish the design direction for a resort project we are working on here. While you may wonder that 3 days seems a long time away from home, the length of the trip is also dictated by the limited number of flights in and out of Guilin. Today we travelled from Singapore via Hong Kong and Guilin after I got up at 5.30 am this morning. After a one and a half hour car drive from Guilin into the mountains, we finally checked into our Yangshuo hotel at around 5 pm. I guess that is part and parcel of these type of destinations…beautiful, magical, but a journey to reach!

The rich history, local culture and geographical background provide a lot of inspiration for a lighting concept! Some of the sceneries are magical and over the centuries have been the subject of Chinese paintings. The mist hanging between the mountains inspires diffuse lighting, silhouetting, combined with their reflections in the meandering Li River.

During the day we see a myriad of light and shadow in play which at night is somehow reversed. During the day the mountains show silhouetted against the bright sky, at night in and around Yangshuo the mountains that are lit (a great sound and light spectacle plays there every night)  as one of the main tourist attractions show their majestic shapes against the black night. Lighting effects that can all serve as a base for the lighting concept that is to be developed…

Light Watch 5-6: Yangshuo impressions…





dawn-and-fisherman-li-river c


20. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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