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Hong Kong, 24th January 2014

Today was spent on a kick of meeting for a new prestigious project here. I don’t know about how others experience Hong Kong and its work environment but I distinctively feel a totally different attitude and culture towards work in our project business then in Singapore. I say Singapore, because that is probably the best and closest example for comparison. Both are small island states, both are small in population, both are affluent when it comes to its riches and both are heavily influenced by the Chinese culture. While I have spent most of my time working in and out of Singapore, I have been to Hong Kong regularly and have dealt with Hong Kong based companies (designers, consultants as well as developers) over the last 20 odd years.

Driving around in a Hong Kong taxi probably is the best metaphor to describe the different styles. The Hong Kong cabbie is brusque, short stop, but very inventive and creative in finding solutions (in this case finding their way through the traffic), while the Singapore cabbie just follows and abides by the rules. This is not to say a Hong Kong cabbie does not follow rules, he just finds creative ways around it to achieve them.

The same can be said for project work. Somehow there are always ways, there does not seem to be such fear to go around the rules (note I am not saying ignoring or not complying to the rules) to achieve the desired outcome. I have always found that in Hong Kong while in Singapore everyone in the team seems to cover their backside…I personally find the Singapore environment a bit less conducive, stimulating or cooperative then Hong Kong. It does not mean the outcomes are not good, it’s just different style of work and approach. Let’s see whether this Hong Kong style approach will resort in a great project!

Light Watch 5-10: Hong Kong at night…much more creative and adventurous then Singapore (though Singapore is working on it!






25. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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