Happy Chinese New Year!

Singapore, 29-30th January 2014

Most companies (as is ours) will be closed for the Chinese New Year holidays these few days. Some companies even for a week or more. Hence there is little action to be expected in our business over the next 2 weeks. As always there was the last minute rush to get things finished before the big holidays and yesterday was no exception. I too dashed around from meeting to meeting the whole day till late and concluded with a dinner at a friend’s house right in China Town. Not surprisingly we decided afterwards to take a “people bath” and sample the ambience of the little streets full of shoppers trying to get a last minute bargain from the hundreds of street vendors. We call this experience “human bowling” as you literally cannot make a step forward without bumping into someone. I can only imagine how busy it will be tonight when the fireworks will be on show to usher in the new year!

The CNY holidays have great importance for work and family, comparable with the Christmas and New Year holidays in western countries. A time to spent with your family, a time to reflect on your business and do the so called spring cleaning. Our local Kopitiam steadfastly cleans and repaints the interiors of the coffee shop every Chinese New Year. In a few days it will reopen fresh and ready for the New Year. Many companies see the new year as the time to clean out their “closets”, rekindle business relationships that may have deteriorated over the past year and get a new fresh start. This year is the Year of the Horse, obviously a powerful sign full of action (horse power  🙂 ).

Light Watch 5-13: Chinatown and its decorations last night…Cong Xi Fa Chai everyone!








30. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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