Yangshuo, 21st January 2014

This blog is simply called cold…I woke up with temperatures outside around freezing point. No world news, but after the hot summer in Perth and the normal hot humidity of Singapore a nice frisk waking up! Sweaters, windbreaker, several clothing layers to keep warm today. When we arrived on site the meeting room temperature was hovering around freezing point and coal fires were brought in to heat up the place…felt kind of adventurous….binding spirits…amazing how these kind of things create some bonding, which was excellent for the mood of today’s meeting. Steaming hot coffee and tea was served throughout the day to keep us warm and alert. Later with the sun heating up outside it made it all a bit more bearable…nearly enjoyable.

While the location is kind of remote, the client had gone out of their way to make the make-shift meeting room situated in one of the old factory buildings that are to be converted into a hotel, as much up to comfort as possible, including video projectors, wifi (a must in meetings nowadays!) and all other meeting comforts including food and drinks! It made in the end for a pleasant and fruitful day in which we went through conceptual design presentations from architect, interior design, landscape and lighting. Tomorrow we will have some more and then break-up in smaller design workshops to further detail and agree on design development directions. Because we are all isolated from our offices and all “locked up” together without major outside disruptions I feel the progress is good and bodes well for the success of this project.

Light Watch 5-7: Yangshuo impressions, day 2









21. January 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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