Who will survive?

Bangkok, 14th November 2013

After a whirlwind transit in Singapore I am in Bangkok for the rest of the week to undergo some product training with my design team. It does not happen often that I have about the whole team together from the various offices so we will enjoy the training as well as each-others presence! This is a rare occasion to bond as a team outside the pressures of everyday work. We leave the deadlines to the side for the next two days…

I took the occasion to meet up with some colleagues in the lighting and building industry and catch up on the latest in the world that concerns us. One of the things that I heard and that came as a shock to me, was the demise of one of the household names in the lighting industry. As I need to confirm the news officially I don’t want to name the company at this stage, but what I did take out of that news is that many of the traditional lighting manufacturers are facing this big battle with adopting the LED technology.

The company in question was one of the leading floodlighting companies in the world with top quality fixtures. However it seems they failed to anticipate the speed of LED technology developments and faced with lighting designs that hardly include any façade floodlighting anymore (who still does floodlighting???…yes I do, but many don’t!) now find the LED mountain insurmountable. It looks like a “Kodak” moment, a failure to anticipate the impact of the LED technology and still believing that the good old traditional ways of floodlighting will be able to weather the LED storm…As it turns out the LED storm is more like a typhoon with obviously a deadly force as it moves through lighting land!

Light Watch 4-195: The quality of light fittings is crucial, survival of the fittest. As I was having my dinner tonight a downpour started. On picture today showing the pouring rain on to a façade floodlight creating a curtain of splashing water amidst a halo of smoke from the water being boiled by the light fitting’s heat.

14. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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