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Singapore, 28th November 2013

2 Two more to go…actually I should say 1 more after this!… 🙂
I am counting down to my 1000th blog post next week and this is nr 999…! Please send in your wishes, comments and feedbacks on how you have experienced the blog, what you have learned from the blog, what you like about the blog, how it has helped you in your life and so on, it does not matter anything you would like to say. Thank you to all of you out there that have supported me and have taken the time to read my blog, some I know nearly every day.  

Staying away from LED’s (I know it is difficult…) I read this morning about a Japanese smart town, the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is being built by Panasonic for about 3000 people, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo. The town will have a solar system that supplies power to about 600 villas and 400 apartments each with their own storage battery. The concept was developed and presented a few years ago and is expected come to life between now and 2018.

Energy efficient lighting systems (can’t seem to escape LED… 🙁 ) will be crucial to allow sustainable lighting. And as I have been educating my clients, sustainability is not only about watts/m2 but also very much about creating a “liveable” environment in terms of comfort quality, safety and security. I of course approach this from a professional lighting point of view. While I am not involved in this project, I would be very interested to understand what sort of capacity exactly can be provided with the solar power and what the limitation is in terms of lighting power footprint per household and most of all what sort of lighting quality can be achieved within that foot print. Those who know me, know my adagio that we design for people, not for lux or energy meters…so while the concept looks great and ambitious, will it be humanly liveable when it comes to lighting?

An interesting thought to ponder on…where are we going with our energy drive and LED lighting system developments as we move to a sustainable future?…

Light Watch 4-206: Here are some pictures that give you an impression of the township that is currently being built in Japan. Here is a video link as well:


29. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Mr Klaasen, I live in the northeast of Brazil, here we have lot of sunlight all year. Also we live in a very hot weather. I wonder if could be created a system that allow capture the energy from the sun light without the heat of it.
    Also Would be great for us here in this sunny region to live under the shadow of those sun collectors structures.
    PS: i’m new in your blog, i bought your book in Copenhagen last PLDC and start now following your LIGHT TALKS…
    It’s been very instructive, thank you for share your knowledge.
    Gerardo Fonseca

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