PLDC Day 2

Copenhagen, 1st November 2013

Day 2 started with the Danish minister for climate, energy and building giving a passionate key note opening address about the importance of lighting in the overall country master planning for a sustainable living environment.  I followed that by attending the presentation about redefining the working relationship between lighting designer and LED manufacturer, a subject close to my heart with parallels to my own presentation later in the day. The verbal duel between the two presenters representing the opposing parties was well done providing us a snapshot of the issues we are all dealing with. Clear from this and many other presentations (including mine!) is that there is crying need for LED manufacturers and lighting designers to meet on equal footing and share knowledge to come to a better partnership. Let’s face it in the end the client we face as lighting designers are also ultimately the manufacturers client, hence the need for transparency and honesty in cooperation is vital.

Over the day there were presentations in regards to health showing how lighting research is making so much headway in improving and developing concepts for human well-being. The findings and advances made are becoming gradually a must know for us as lighting designers where we do not just design for spaces but also for the people’s well-being. Presentations about LED lighting research in museums in Italy and the  newly opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam proved great attractions.

The afternoon keynote session was one of an unexpected and spectacular fashion. The presenter being a special visual lighting effects specialist who had been involved in the creation of movies such as Gravity, Transformers and Avatar! His expose about how lighting effects are put together was fascinating.

And then it was my turn…I managed to get more than 3 people in the room ( J ), in actual fact the room was Practically full for which I was really is always more rewarding to speak in front of a full house. The reactions afterwards were really positive with surprisingly many manufacturers approaching me afterwards acknowledging that the LED Cowboys do exist and we do need to do something about it! Thanks so much, that is really all I wanted to achieve…the acknowledgement and the commitment to do something about it. It remains to be seen how it will pan out, but the expressed desire was certainly hopeful

The night ended for a dilemma for many with an abundance of choices between parties being offered by Xicato, Louis Poulsen, Martin Architectural and IGuzzini. I ended up in the last one which provided a night time boat tour through the harbour culminating in a cosy dinner at a waterside restaurant. Another great day!

Light Watch 4-186: Impressions from day 2 starting with an early morning ray of light…

02. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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