PLDC 2013 Day 3

Copenhagen, 2nd November 2013

The last day started with a low hanging fog, probably in line with how many people felt the day after last night’s events…thanks to Tuborg (Denmark’s home brewed beer) free beer was distributed throughout the city to celebrate the coming of Christmas. I am not sure how this free beer night tradition came in existence…will need to Google this 🙂 I heard the Xicato party went pretty wild with some sort of paintball fight, perhaps someone can comment and sent some pictures!

This morning’s keynote address was very inspirational and was delivered by James Carpenter, renowned as an architect and artist specifically through his use of glass as a medium of expression. The way he has used the translucency as well as the reflective properties of glass in his creations gave me very much inspiration. I then proceeded to the IGuzzini lounge to do my overdue 15 second Instagram speech (please like me J ) as well as an interview about my thoughts in relation to lighting in general and PLDC more specifically. I believe these will be made available on the IGuzzini website. A space that I really wanted to visit since day one was the experience centre on level one, where real life lighting experiments could be experienced comparing conventional and LED lighting technology. Very educational…seeing is believing!

One of the other presentations I have to mention of today has to be the one from Alexander Rieck from LAVA architects. I have seen him on action several times over the last few years and time and again I am inspired by his office vision of the future. While I do like to hear the thoughts and experiences of my colleagues in the industry I am even more intrigued and inspired by “outsiders” vision on lighting and sustainability. Somehow they have a fresh and “uncompromised” view. His “schnitzel” approach was enlightening…

PLDC 2013 came to a glorious end with a gala night in which awards were presented to outstanding projects and contributions in lighting. At the end of the glorious night Joachim Ritter announced the next PLDC to be in Rome in 2015! Till then and thanks for great event!

Light Watch 4-187: Impressions from day 3 starting with the early morning fog…to the gala dinner and the PLDC Rome 2015 announcement!


03. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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