Somewhere between Hangzhou and Anji, 11th November 2013

Killing time in the back of my client’s car on the way to the project site; I am in China these few days and on my way to a destination resort we are working on. The thing with these projects is that it really is a destination. Not just a flight to a big city and then a short taxi ride to your hotel, no I left yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to arrive Shanghai late in the evening, then transferred to a car for a one hour ride to our night time stop near Honqiao station. This morning we got up early to take the speed train to Hangzhou where the client picked us up for another 1-2 hour drive, gradually leaving the asphalted roads into off-road pathways into the bamboo forests of Anji where our project is located. That’s the thing with some of our projects, beautiful locations, fantastic scenery, but a real challenge to reach there…guess part and parcel of the business we are in. If only we could transplant our self in time…

Speaking of which, over the weekend I went to see the movie Gravity, the space drama with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Though I am not a big fan of SB, I went to see the movie after having seen the Alessandro Gobetti presentation at PDC in Copenhagen on how they actually created these visual effects (vfx). Allessandro was one of the vfx people working on the movie (yes his name appeared duly on the movies credit roll). I had found it amazing to see how they create simulations of actual lighting effects with realistic shots of the actors and spaceships circling around the earth. Daylight (but not like we know it on earth), shadows, reflections, all created by some uncanny computer programs! Besides the fact that the movie is really good, visual lighting effects were truly amazing. It’s a totally different aspect of our lighting design profession. I understand that they created the movie “ backwards” doing the post production lighting effects first, then worked it back into the movie…in a way I am doing my lighting design creation in a similar way…I work on the mood and effects I want to achieve first, then work backwards to see how it can be achieved by light fittings….

Light Watch 4-192: Gravity movie shots…

PS: I am staying over in a hotel with limited to no internet and no wireless in the room, will try upload in the lobby, if not tomorrow… 🙁 (pics may have to follow later)




11. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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