Dim and dimmer

Singapore, 8th November 2013

An interesting day today with two different happenings with opposite levels of frustration. One could be called dim and dimmer the other probably dumb and dumber.

To start with the latter; it does not happen often but today I was close to inserting a disclaimer on our design documents because I do not agree with the final design solution. This has come about because of a disagreement on the lighting design between us as lighting designers and the architect as the building designer. We have a fundamental difference of approach in regards of the façade lighting but because the architects are “world renowned”, the client has bowed to pressure and asked us to follow the architects design direction. We have registered our concern and demonstrated to the client that the architect’s solution will not work well compared to our proposal which they duly noted, but still after deliberation (architect pressure, surely), requested us to work with the architects solution even if less good and more expensive! So we have decided to try make the best of it but the point is will we end up being the clown, because if the lighting scheme fails, our name will still be related to the project; dumb and dumber?

In the afternoon I again got some cowboys through the door this time promoting the latest in dimmable LED driver technology; really interesting and honestly very promising (up to 0.1% dimming claimed…really!). Reputable and experienced manufacturers, no doubt, but again the notion that sales are crucial for success was omnipresent in the presentation. As always all the advantages and benefits were rattled of (good stuff) but we had to continuously probe the rep about the things that really worry us, such as the compatibility of the components, inter brand testing, the real performance figures, warranty, etc. With dimming being one of the biggest issues in LED technology, you can imagine our interest in flicker and noise free dimming technology that apparently can work with any protocol whether analogue, digital, dali or dmx driven all the way down to zero with a smoothness known from the good old days; dim and dimmer?

Have a great weekend!

Light Watch 4-191: As we talk about dimming, controls come in different disguises; from the simple, single switch to the multiple scene setter or even Ipad driven remote controls…of course all LED compatible 🙂




08. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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