Different ways to skin a cat

Singapore, 7th November 2013

I am still struggling with my jetlag as I caught a cold on top of it, which makes me feel very tired and feverish. But the show goes on as they say so little let up as many clients want to wrap up projects or project stages before the end of the year so it will be a last sprint to complete lots of demands till Xmas…

In lighting there is not one solution to a lighting problem. In fact there are many and you can’t really say if one solution is better than the other. Much depends on the execution and above all personal preference and style. As lighting designers we all develop our own style and approach to lighting, I know I have my own ways, but that does not mean I enforce that on my staff to follow, on the contrary. I encourage design initiative plus the fact that with my progressing “age” I may have rusted myself in a comfortable approach, while a new a fresh approach may very well work as good or better. I do note that while I encourage creative lighting solutions that even maybe off the beaten path, I do know what works and what not and that I guess is the experience that allows assessing the various ways that one can skin a cat as they say.

Today’s generation may have a totally different view on what is trendy and what not, so I do need to stay open to new ideas. In my early days when I was learning the trade I had the fortunate situation to be surrounded by many talented lighting designers  and once my boss allowed me to work on my own lighting designs I would consult these experts to understand what they felt was the best approach or solution. Then, with several different lighting design approaches I would evaluate what each of them was recommending and would pick the parts that were appealing to me most. I guess that is how I over the years developed my lighting design style if you can call it that way.

Light Watch 4-190: Today we had to make a decision on how to light a wall…simple you would say, but you would be surprised how many different ways you could approach it…you will note that specifically material finishes and function have a great impact on the way to approach it…

07. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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