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Guangzhou, 25th November 2013

6 Six  more to go…
I am counting down to my 1000th blog post! I would like to take this opportunity to ask all my readers to send in your wishes, comments and feedbacks on how you have experienced the blog, what you have learned from the blog, what you like about the blog, how it has helped you in your life and so on, it does not matter anything you would like to say; all things that  that I will then feature in my 1000th blog as a thank you to all of you out there that have supported me and have taken the time to read my blog, some I know nearly every day. Let’s hear it from you.  

These few days I will be in Guangzhou. Invited as a guest speaker at the 3rd Guangzhou International LED Lighting Exhibition, I thought the opportunity to address Chinese manufacturers directly, one of my greatest congregations of LED Cowboys, was an opportunity not to be missed. The event held over a few days at the famous Canton Fairgrounds includes exhibitors and conferences, all centred around LED lighting. The reason I took on the very commercial event as a speaker was to directly address those of whom I accuse of being LED Cowboys. With reportedly more than 6000 LED manufacturers in China alone, it is no surprise that many of “my Cowboys” are based in and around Guangdong province (Guangzhou-Shenzhen area).

My address was attended purely by manufacturers and potential LED buyers and hence everything centred on markets (such as US, Europe, Middle East) and the potentials and restrictions of each market. I was probably the odd one out with my Cowboy story (an abbreviated version of what I presented in Copenhagen), but from the immediate reaction from the attendants, my challenge towards a more transparent and information sharing platform between manufacturers/ suppliers on one side and designers/ specifiers on the other side drew much approval and positive reactions. It seems everybody wants to do better and everyone seems to underscore the importance to honour the qualities of LED lighting with honest quality and performance data representation. My presentation was translated word for word in Chinese, and many of the local LED manufacturers came to see me afterwards with understanding and promise to do better. I will follow up tomorrow and visit their booths to reiterate my points and ask their help in improving the quality of LED for the benefit of all and not just for a quick short term profit!…More to follow        

Light Watch 4-202: My arrival by cab and my presentation, followed by handing my book to the organiser as an encouragement and thank you…




26. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Dear Martin

    as you know I’m frequent reader of your Blog

    My comment is really to encourage to continue in this adventure that for you can be a personal way to take a breath and reflect about your daily activity but for the readers is clearly a interesting source of inspiration

    all the best and I expect at least another 1000 post


  2. And what a speech it was! Very much enjoyed your presentation and the perspective on quality lighting over a lemming-like rush to LED!

  3. Dear Martin,
    that was very brave to go into the lions cage for talking to them about awareness of the link between technolgy and sustainability.
    You never give up hope for a better future. Please keep up posting your experiences. Maybe there would be some changes later.
    Have a nice christmas with your family and heallth and luck for the new year.
    Kind regards from Germany
    Thomas Roeding

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