A day at the factory

Bangkok, 15th November 2013

Today was our day at the factory. Kindly organised by Ligman, our teams from KLD Singapore, Indonesia and India were invited for a full company briefing, tour of the facilities and product training, to have a better understanding of the companies capabilities and most of all the quality, quality control and serviceability of the products towards our projects. More and more we have the need to re-assure ourselves as lighting designers and specifiers that the products we are specifying or plan to specify potentially in future projects are coming from reputable companies, with the necessary know-how and technical team to support us in our projects throughout the world as needed. We have engaged and encouraged other manufacturers to do the same and over the past several years have similarly visited several manufacturers from different parts of the world. It gives us not only an insight but also the necessary confidence (or not!) in regards to a companies ability to serve us…our own due diligence so you want. I personally have been visiting factories for over 30 years now and can now easily tell from just looking at how a factory operates, how well they are organised and how clean (!) operations are. Most of the time there is a direct relation between factory quality control, level of organisation and cleanliness and the actual quality and sophistication of their products.

Ligman particularly have come a long way from being a follower, initially a me-too copy type of lighting producer (with all due respect), to gradually becoming a leading lighting manufacturer in their own right with top of the range quality control and measurement equipment including 3rd party certified approvals on all critical components of a lighting product. They have now clearly established themselves in the market as a reliable producer of light fittings at often competitive prices (for how long still?), reason enough for us to make this day at the factory worth our while with our KLD team.

Light Watch 4-195: At the same time this visit has offered us the opportunity to rekindle personal relations between the different KLD teams strengthening our bond and commitment to excellence in lighting design. It was a pity that our teams from China and Australia were not able to join to make this day complete. Herewith some shots from today’s showroom and factory visit.

PS: I did not miss the opportunity to present my PLDC – LED Cowboy story to all present including our host, who took my points to heart promising and committing themselves to better their support and information towards our team, thanks!





15. November 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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