The power of visualisation

Manila, 21th October 2013

Today and tomorrow I am in Manila for project meetings. The Philippines, very much like Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam for instance, seem to be the emerging economies whereas the India’s and China’s seem to be on the decline. This is just my observation based on where our work comes from at the moment and where we feel some “excitement” is happening, something that can’t really be said from the two billion population countries. China is still moving but at a much slower pace and in India there seems to be no pace at all…

As I was doing my presentation today I just realise how important it is to make the lighting design easy to understand. We have adopted the layers of light presentation for many years now and time and again I realise how easy it makes it for the non-initiated to understand our lighting concept. Lighting is visual and hence the presentation should be very visual as well. Leading your client through the concept step by step with simple visualisations and quality renderings makes all the difference. Not all of us are brought up in this computer age and like myself struggle at times to work those internet programs! The good side of this time and age is that we have access to unbelievable rendering programs that allows us to render and visualise lighting concepts in a very realistic way. Where in the older day we would have made big presentation boards with sketches and layouts, we now have the dynamic use of powerpoint presentations including step by step lighting layers and video clips to simulate colour changing or multi-media concepts. Oh how times have changed and how powerful visualisations have become to convey our lighting design concepts.

Light Watch 4-179: when you come to Manila the famous Jeepneys are always a joy to watch. While not directly having any link with lighting I find the creative imagination in which they decorate their cars a joy and inspiration to watch…some pictures taken on my way from the airport to my meeting…

21. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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