Delhi, 11-12th October 2013

Profiling sounds a bit like what they do in CSI Miami when they try to create a profile of a would-be killer. I am however talking about a company that is profiling itself at a certain level to promote and position itself towards its clients. Some call it branding or corporate identity. On the day that cricket great Sachin Tendulkar announced to the world that his upcoming 200th test match will be his farewell match I am attending Vis-à-vis latest ‘experience centre” launch here in Delhi. Where Sachin Tendulkar has created his name as one of the most prolific cricket players of all time, Vis-à-vis has probably managed to profile themselves as one of the top leading and high end lighting suppliers in India. Not surprisingly and true to their image, they invited lighting designers, architects, interior designers from around the world who have worked with Vis-à-vis in India to give their launch event even greater standing.

While I generally do not promote specific brands, suppliers or manufacturers, as I am more interested in the process and progress of lighting design in general, I make an exception today to congratulate Vis-à-vis with the milestone achieved. The experience centre is much, much more than just showroom and allows you to experience lighting and architecture in a natural environment. Located on sprawling farm grounds it offers ample opportunity to demonstrate lighting in all its aspects including building and landscape lighting. A big exhibition space allows for future themed events. The intention is to grow the centre into a location where people meet and share their experience. I think Amit Gupta and his team have done a great job and I am sure the opening of the centre is a first small step in many more to come! Not surprisingly the mood was very cheerful, certainly as torrential rain in the earlier part of the day had threatened to ruin the event. But the Gods (and the Moon) shone their lucky light on the night which ended in the early hours of the morning with many going on straight to the airport for their trip home with no or little sleep, myself included… 🙂

Light Watch 4-175: Below some images of the night snapped with my Iphone reporter style…

12. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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