Out of sight…

Singapore, 16th October 2013

Yes I was away for a few days, enjoying a short break on a tropical island not far from Singapore taking advantage of a public holiday yesterday (I generally miss these, so for once, I managed to make the best of it 🙂 . But getting out a few days always comes with a price as my desk was stacked with matters to attend and emails too clear. I am still on to it…on top of that I have to prepare for my trip to Jakarta tomorrow and Manilla on Moday…

While being away for an extended weekend is not going to change the world and your relationship to it, but I did however get in touch with a previous client today (a hotel operator) that was due to do some renovation work and for which we had put forward a proposal nearly a year ago. At the time the owner informed us that he was not going to pursue it immediately due to other more urgent priorities. We kept in regular contact till about e few months ago and as the project seemed on hold indefinitely we sort of put it on the back burner. To my surprise today I got a call from the new GM (general manager) with a request to look into some issues from our previously completed project with them. First of all I did not know the previous GM was gone let alone had I been introduced to the new one, secondly his query came from ignorance as he had obviously not been briefed about the past and like every new manager wanted to put in his little piece of worth.

Anyhow I used the opportunity to enquire about the renovation project only to find out that it had already been re-activated without our knowledge or involvement. While we let it slip to the back burner, assuming they would contact us, the new management team just went about their own think and somehow were not briefed about our previous submission for the renovation work. Anyhow all does not seem lost and we are organising a follow up with the team in the next few days to find out if we can still participate…It just shows if you are away or out of sight, you are quickly out of peoples mind as well!

Light Watch 4-176: As to enjoying my little 3 day getaway nothing beats a little candle lit dinner for two…not even an incandescent light bulb! Some mood images…and then back to work 🙂


16. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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