Lights out

Kuala Lumpur, 3rd October 2013

Sometimes when you are in a meeting you have a feeling that the “lights have gone out” with the participants. Today I came all the way to KL to attend a meeting which was to be some major coordination meeting and which at the same time was to be our kick-off meeting. Some strong emails were sent in the days prior about the importance of the meeting and that everyone was to bring their drawings, sketch books, catalogues or any other design related materials as to maximise the workshop like meeting. We had just been signed on so I had prepared a general introduction in regards of our lighting philosophy and specific lighting considerations we wanted the team to think of or comment on. So we went in with high expectation!

We don’t know what happened or whether we were actually in the right meeting but it was like all lights were out! People were doing things by themselves, checking emails and sending sms’s leaving the room to make calls, some actually taking and making calls in the room, while some were making presentations without anyone really listening. The PM was trying to instill some life in the meeting but totally failed in getting the meeting to move in an organised and orderly fashion. No one seemed really focussed let alone wanting to get some effective conclusions out of the meeting. I don’t know who is end responsible for these meetings (several client representatives, up to project director, where present) but this would probably rank amongst one of the most wasteful (time and money) meetings I have attended. The “full” day meeting turned out to be just a few hours of little action and coordination and as I write this I am already back at the airport lounge waiting for my flight way ahead of the initially scheduled time. Yes I met with the team, but I felt I totally wasted my time and am not really much further than before the meeting. At least I got some emails cleared and some work done and overall had a relatively undisturbed day. Paid by the client…lights out!

Light Watch 4-169: Here is a little light in the darkness for you…hopefully there will be light at the end of this tunnel…


03. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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