Life on the road

Singapore, 18-19th October 2013

It was a long day yesterday and I simply did not get around to write my blog. The return flight from Jakarta was delayed and after a late dinner out I was too tired when I got back home. People may not realise it but when your life consist of a lot of travelling there are times where you just need to zonk out (as I did this today, Saturday). While it is not so much the physical effort of travelling it is more the emotional part that somehow gets to you at times. And considering I am off to Manila on Monday and off to Copenhagen at the week thereafter, this weekend is welcome!

Travelling means that you mix and meet with people from different cultures, from different religions, with different sets of values. You cannot really judge peoples way of life and way of business against your own values. Yes you can follow your own life and business principles but you certainly have to acknowledge and appreciate those of the country you visit. Doing business becomes finding a balance between respecting your client or counterpart and following the values you believe in. Nothing is perfect in this world and as we life and work together (even in your country) you need to find a balance to make it work for everyone. A hardnosed approach with arrogance generally does not make you many friends in this part of the world. You may do one job but probably never one again with the same client. The thing is that with the fast growing air travel the world has shrunk and at the same times culture and life styles have become entangled like never before. Life on the road as a lighting designer allows you to get up close and personal with “the world” which is not necessarily your world!

Light Watch 4-178: Travelling around the world…here are some sites (at night) that need no comment, see if you know them…

19. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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