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Singapore, 7th October 2013

Some of you, like me today, may have received the latest news letter from Philips introducing a report called the “Future of Light” prepared by creative think tank company PSFK Labs from the US…, yes, sponsored by Philips. It is amazing how much time is being spent nowadays by the big multi nationals in positioning themselves as the company of the future by supporting and sponsoring researches like this. As an ex-Philips man (though it was a long time ago 🙂 ) I know first-hand how much time is spent in R&D and developing concepts of the future. It is something that is crucial for the future as innovation is a must if we want to move forward. Someone famously said that if you don’t move forward you are going backwards…agree! So constant innovation is a must; however one can argue at what speed and in what direction! We are now reaching consumer product levels of product innovation speeds with new products being superseded already within 6 months after their commercial launch! I wish someone could look into this seriously as it means often that you are left with a still well working product that is no longer supported in the market! This is already the case with LED lighting technology. It seems a waste…

And while I am all for innovation I wish there was a bigger focus on durable and sensible production rather than short term consumption! I downloaded the report with interest and have scanned through it to have a first impression. I will read it in full over the next few days. Somehow I feel there is always that commercial drive behind the research to develop newly sellable products, develop new applications and sales markets. It is of course nicely packaged in ways it will improve our lives and some ideas surely will give new impetus to the way we do and experience things. Nike for instance developed a concept of using laser lighting from a mobile van to project a soccer field anywhere on the street to promote kids playing even at night. Yes nice idea, but do we need it? Or is it just another way of promoting the brand (and sales)? In my youth we never needed a laser to enjoy a good old street game of soccer. How far do we take it?

Light Watch 4-171: Not withstanding my rant it is still an enjoyable read full of interesting ideas, let’s just be careful and considerate in developing them!
Here is part 1 of some pictures (tomorrow part 2)
The report can be downloaded from http://www.psfk.com/future-of-light

07. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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